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When Should You Remove a Tree?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

We love trees and the benefits of having trees around us are many, but there are several occasions when a tree endangers the human lives around it and/or it becomes a liability to the property it occupies and therefore must be removed.

A few reasons to remove a tree are:

  • The tree is dying

  • Has died

  • Or has structurally been damaged and has become unstable like the example below:

These trees in Veneta, Oregon were damaged in a snowstorm. The tree holding up the dead tree was barely holding it up.

The trees endangered the neighboring shed, fruit trees, and garden. The leaning tree was carefully removed to relieve the weight off of the standing tree. The standing tree was also removed and as you can see from the picture below, it was hollow.

One strong windstorm, rainstorm or snowstorm would have caused it to collapse and damage the shed and property below it.

The homeowner and their neighbor were happy that A and C Tree Service safely removed the trees before any damage was caused to the nearby structures or people.

A and C Tree Service

Lane County Tree Removal

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