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When and Why Should You Remove a Tree?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Last week we considered some important reasons a tree should be removed. Today we will consider another reason – Location, Location, Location.

It is amazing how many customers of ours remember planting the tree they are about to remove. They state, “We didn’t realize how big it was going to get!” When planting a tree, it is important to keep in mind the species as this will tell you how tall, how thick and the life span of such tree. Once you have that information look around the area you want to plant the tree ask yourself: When full grown will the branches hang over the house? Will the roots come near my driveway or foundation? Is there power lines nearby? How close to the property line and the fence is it? Will my neighbors have to deal with my tree in some way?

If you did not ask yourself these questions these are the exact reasons why a tree will need to be removed.

The example below shows a tree we removed in West Eugene due to the tree being too close to the house, at this point the first tree pictured below had branches that had already fallen on the roof due to the recent winter storms and the tree was starting to lean towards the house more and more. If the tree were not removed it would have certainly caused property damaged.

A and C Tree Removal removing a dead tree before it damages the house below

dead tree being cut down and chipped

Due to its location the crew used a rope, lowering and rigging system to remove the tree. A and C successfully removed the tree and the homeowners sleep better at night knowing their house would not be damaged by a falling branch or tree.

The tree below was planted by the homeowner’s grandfather who joked that he would be long gone before the tree would need to be removed. This red oak had outgrown its location, it was over the roof, deck and chicken coop. The tree and its branches were a hazard to the homeowner, their family, home and pets.

A and C Tree removal carefully takes limbs off of dead tree

chipping the tree after removal

If your tree is too close to your house, fence, decks, driveway and is a liability to any structure or people. Give A and C Tree Service a call we will inspect the tree and its location and tell you the best route to take. Call us today for no-cost, no-obligation quote on tree removal, tree trimming, chipping services.

A and C Tree Service

Lane County Tree Removal


“Keeping our neighbors safe one tree at a time”

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